Bilal School

Parents Feedback

Dr. Shahina Ubed Khan
HOD Dept. Ismail Yusuf College, Mumbai.

I thank to Allah that i found this school. I am also glad that Bilal School is great with a fabulous teaching team in School. Teachers are excellent and well trained to teach the new generation. They participate in variety of activities and events specially Friday activities. The Principal here is quite approachable, really care and truly want the best for your child. I can say that Bilal School has made my son confident and independent in learning. I will always be grateful to this excellent school.

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Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Shahid

Assalamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullahi, The school is well organised, well settled. The staff of the school is hard working & helpful.

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Mr. Shaikh Abdul Hamid
(Chairman Madrasatul banaat Mumbai)

This is a well organized school. The environment of school is very good. Children with beautiful faces look neat and clean in their school uniform. Teachers are well qualified and decent. Students are very confident to reply, if questioned. Cleanliness as well as the office is up to the mark. Insha Allah, the school will progress in academic cources framed by the Government, under the able guidance and supervision of Maulana Abdur-Rehman Niyaz Qasmi .

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Maulana Asjad Karolia
(Son in law Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Akkalkua)

I was worried about my kids school education in Islamic Environment, but when i found Bilal School all my worried were gone as Bilal School is a perfect School for todays Muslim parents who wants to give their children well English Education alongwith Islamic Education in Islamic Environment.

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Mr. Sayyed Abdul Hamid

This is the most fantastic well organized,well run and friendly school. I have over come across and I am delighted that another of my child is studying here. All the teachers are approachable and extremely helpful and have always been willing to discuss any concern at a time.

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