Maulana Abdur Rahman Khan Qasmi

Maulana Abdur Rahman belongs to a landlord family (zameendar). His ancestors had a strong influence in Sultanpur, a historical district of Uttar Pradesh.
Father of his paternal grandmother, Jameel Ahmad Khan, participated in the Indian struggle, the war for freedom, and was punished and imprisoned in the district jail of Sultanpur. One can notice the kind of patriotism and altruistic behavior he possessed by this incident that when he was sentenced to imprisonment, he discussed the matter with his wife and divorced her so that she can marry someone else, as he was very well aware of the uncertainty of his release and the sufferings his wife could face.
Maulana Abdur Rahman’s grandfather, Abdur Razzaque Khan, had served the nation by joining the Indian Army. His Father, Maulana Niyaz Ahmed Mazahiri migrated to Mumbai, and started textiles business and eventually became a great success.

Maulana Abdur Rahman was enrolled in a Maktab and completed the reciting of Quran and Islamic elementary course, simultaneously studying in a primary school.Further, he joined Darul-Uloom-Imdadiya, Mumbai, for Islamic Studies. Then was admitted to Islamic University Darul-Uloom-Deoband, and completed his degree in Alim cource.After Deoband he joined the contemporary schooling in Mumbai and completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Anjuman-I-Islam’s Jaan Muhammad Qasim Night High School. Later he secured admission in Maharashtra College, and passed Higher Secondary Education from the Science Stream.
Maulana completed Diploma, advance Diploma courses in Arabic Language from the University of Mumbai, He passed his diploma in Pharmacy at AIT's Institute of Pharmacy, Malegaon. Maulana secured highest academic standing in Master’s in Arabic from Mumbai University, He has also cleared the Ph.D. entrance test in first attempt.

Muhtamim: Madrasa Falah-e-Deen
This madrasa had been running in his locality for a long time. On persisting request from the people, Maulana accepted the entire responsibility of the Madrasa. By the grace of Allah, very soon this Madrasa started the course of memorizing Qur’an and Aalim course including food and accommodation facilities for needy students

Chairman: Bilal (R.A.) English School
Understanding the pressingneed, Maulana established. Bilal English School. The School emphasizes on qualityof education. School is recognized by Government, and curriculum is designed in such a way that by the time a student reaches 8th std. he becomes Hafiz–e-Quran.

Sharia Advisor: Halal Council of India
Halal Council of India offers certification to the products and services that is acceptable to the importers, suppliers and the Muslim consumers at large due to its high reputation, religious credibility, strict Halal norms and independent auditing and monitoring systems.

Member of editorial board: Muallim (Muslim lifestyle magzine)
Muallim is first of its kind that features the lifestyle of Muslim community in our country and around the world. The objective behind ‘Maullim’ is to educate and empower the Muslim minority so that they can best utilize their talent for the development of Modern India.

Managing Trustee: Jamia Abul Qasim (S.A.W.)
This is a proposed degree college for higher secondary and graduation along with the studies of Aalim course, Soon the foundation work will begin Insha Allah.

Along with teaching, he was also working on making a result oriented syllabus as per the need for the hour. After month’s hardwork Maulana compiled a syllabus complete in all aspect, which is now taught in many makaatib & school. For this effort, Maulana received lot of appreciations in the form of preface and forewords from the luminaries.

Qurani Qaida          :     For easy & fluent recitation of the Holy Quran with complete Grammar.

Bunyadi Taleem     :     Basic teachings of Islam & supplications of the daily life.

Urdu Seekhen        :     A result oriented book with helpful techniques to learn Urdu Language in a

                                       short duration via easy method.

Lugatul Al-Arab      :     A basic book to make the kids familiar with Arabic Language.

Usool Al-Sarf          :      A Complete Theoretical Science of Arabic Morphology.

Usool Al-Nahw       :      A  Complete Theoretical Science of Arabic Syntax.

Urdu Mizan Munshaib      :      The Urdu translation of 'Meezan Munshaib' the authentic book in the subject of Sarf.

Urdu Nawh Meer     :       The Urdu translation of 'Nahv Meer' the well known book in the subject of Nahv.

Tarbiyati Taleem    :     A Book of religious etiquettes and beliefs.

Ambia-e-Kiram       :     Biographies of Allah’s major Prophets.

Mere Nabi               :     A compilation of outstanding qualities of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Islami Taleem     :      An outstanding book consist of kalimaat, prayers,ettiquettes of Namaz and purity, 40 Ahadith and Six points of tableeg.

Nisab     :     An important book that contains the contemporary syllabus for Dini Maktab, School and Madrasa.