Welcome to Bilal School

Bilal School was founded in South Mumbai in the year 2012. It is committed to delivering quality education. It is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and ISO-certified, affirming its adherence to global educational standards. It offers English Medium education from Nursery to SSC levels. Prioritizing foundational skills, the school emphasizes language proficiency, numeracy, and cognitive reasoning.
Well Qualified and dedicated teachers at the school ensure holistic student development through innovative methods and individualized attention. By emphasizing these fundamentals, we lay a robust groundwork for the overall success of our students.To foster a comfortable learning environment, separate timings are designated for girls and boys. Parent involvement is encouraged through monthly meetings our dedicated app, provide parents with comprehensive information on syllabus, activities, daily coursework, exam schedules, and holiday lists, streamlining the studying process for students.

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Academic Sections

In every academic section, our qualified and dedicated educators passionately create vibrant learning environments, nurturing every student's potential.

In our Pre-Primary section, each class has a maximum of 16 students. We prioritize holistic development, nurturing academic, social, and physical growth thus laying the groundwork for each child's educational journey from an early age.
In our Primary section, each class sizes are capped at a maximum of 32 students. Here, we focus and work on their foundational skills like vocabulary, reading, writing, mathematics, environmental studies, and beyond. From the outset, we inspire students to embrace English as a primary mode of communication, starting from their very first year.
In our Secondary section, each class sizes are limited to a maximum of 32 students, fostering an environment where academic excellence shines. Here, we guide students to flourish intellectually and personally. They are not passive learners but active explorers, delving into the world around them with curiosity and purpose.

Extracurricular Activities and Inspiring Field Trips

We enrich our students' educational journey with a myriad of co-curricular activities and captivating field trips, igniting their curiosity beyond the classroom.

Distinct Features

Distinct Features Here are some exceptional features of our school that you should take note of.

Limited Students

32 seats Per classroom


In all classrooms


In classroom & all places

Daily information

Classwork & Activity

Qualified Staff

EC.Ed., D.Ed., & B.Ed.

Van Facility

For students

Play Ground

For Inhouse activities

Seperate Section

For Girls & Boys

Essential Certifications

Our school's accreditation from government and autonomous bodies.



Distinguished personalities have graced our school and expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the management and staff.