No Particulars Date
1  Staff First Academic Day  2nd June, 
2  School Reopen  13th June
3  1st Unit Test  5th – 9th   August
4  1st Medical Checkup  4th September
5  1st Semester Exam (Pre   Primary)  15th Oct. –   24th   Oct.
6  1st Semester Exam  16th – 24th   October
7  Result display  (1st   Sem.)  5th November 
8  Admission Form Dist. &   Submission   1st January   Onwards 
9  2nd Unit Test  13th – 19th   January
10  Submission of Admin Form  1st April
11  2nd Semester Exam (Pre   Primary)  8th – 22nd April
12  2nd Semester Exam  11th – 22nd   April
13  Result display (2nd  Sem.)  25th April
14  Summer Vacation  23rd April –   11th   June
15  Staff Last Working Day  1st May
16  School Reopens on (2025-26)  13th June,
17  Staff Awards Distribution  4th Friday,   June


No Activities Date
1  Spelling Competition (Primary)  15th July
2  Debate (Secondary)  17th August
3  Paper Tearing (Pre Primary)  21st October
4  Picnic (std. Nursery to 3rd)  26th   November
5  Picnic (std. 4th to 10th)  16th or 21st   November
6  Sports (std. Nursery to 3rd)  15th   December
7  Annual Funct. (std.4th to 10th)  5th January
8  Model Making (Secondary)  8th February
9  Best out of waste (Primary)  15th February
10  Drawing Compt. (Pre Primary)  3rd  March
Admission Enquiry